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Jego Play Too is an adventure park designed for families, featuring fun science-based activities, slides, climbing walls and more. Located within Shanghai International Resort, Jego Play Too is located close to Disney Resort Station on Metro Line 11. It covers an area of 50,000 m2, with around 20 different attractions, hundreds of family activities, 200,000m2 of spectacular lavender fields, year-round shows and entertainment, over 100 family science classes, and plenty of themed merchandise to explore.

What is Jego Play Too?

Located in Shanghai International Resort’s picturesque lavender fields, Jego Play Too is an adventure park where families can learn, play and relax together. Jego Play Too’s mission is to create unique, characterful attractions that combine active play and science, giving a highly educational recreational experience that’s unlike any other theme park or public park. The adventure park is one of the primary non-electric theme parks in China, playing an important role in promoting parks of this type in the country.

Jego Play Too has three main zones – Jego Kingdom, Growing World, and Innovation Bay – with 11 distinctly themed areas: Lost Corner, Jego Castle, Racing Tracks, Echo Valley, Explorer's Gulf, Jego Home, Joy Street, Flyer's Base, Cloud Walk, Dream Catcher, and Smart Corner.

All of the park’s equipment is provided by Jegoplay Group. The park is home to attractions from more than 20 luxury brands from around the world, as well as Jegoplay's independently made, non-standard equipment, such as the Carrot Puller, Super Zipline, and Sky Castle. Prepare to be amazed by the innovative interactive attractions and marvel at the creativity behind them…

Zone A: Jego Kingdom

Jego Kingdom is the first of the three zones in Jego Play Too, filled with attractions that invite families to enjoy endless fun together.

There are seven themed areas in Jego Kingdom: Lost Corner, Jego Castle, Racing Tracks, Echo Valley, Explorer's Gulf, Jego Home, and Joy Street. Here, guests can dig for dinosaur bones at Lost Corner, have their photo taken with the Giant Rabbit at Jego Castle, or slide down a giant carrot! Enjoy the rush of the Racing Tracks; listen and watch the musical fountain, play on the swings, and feel the breeze at Echo Valley; and let your imagination run wild with your family at Explorer's Gulf. When you’re all played out, Jego Home and Joy Street are the perfect place to rest a little, grab some food and indulge in a little shopping.

Zone B: Growing World

Growing World is another magical, romantic zone in Jego Play Too. This zone is home to incredible scenes that can only be found outside the city.

There are four themed areas in this zone: Flyer's Base, Cloud Walk, Dream Catcher, and Smart Corner. Flyer's Base has a thrilling extra-long zipline for the ultimate adrenaline rush. Cloud Walk is a towering castle in the sky for intrepid climbers. Dream Catcher is home to an enormous climbing net and rainbow-coloured bouncing cushions. Smart Corner features a mini hydroengineering device that puts little ones’ reasoning and hands-on skills to the test.

Zone C: Innovation Bay

Many events are held at Innovation Bay every year, all of which are a feast for the eyes, ears and even the tastebuds, providing fun for the whole family. Perfect for everyone from small children to adults, at Jego Play Too, there’s no age limit on fun.

Opening HoursHow to get here 


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